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To unplug any struggling in the certification process in the aviation market.

Guiding you on the following steps to obtain a better result meanwhile your focus is to improve your tech – parts or prototypes – because any applicant must pay attention to their goals, on their purpose 100 %.

We take care of the technical requirements – EASA or FAA - and lead the administrative procedures for the airworthiness and environmental certification of your products, appliances, and parts.

*The issue of type-certificates, restricted type-certificates, supplemental type-certificates, and changes tothose certificates.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) / Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

*The issue of certificates of airworthiness, restricted certificates of airworthiness, permits to fly andauthorised release certificates.

*The issue of repair design approvals.

*The showing of compliance with environmental protection requirements.

*The issue of noise certificates.

*The identification of products, parts, and appliances.

*The certification of certain parts and appliances.

*The certification of design and production organisations.

*The issue of airworthiness directives.

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