Drone Harmony

We have the solutions for any kind of data you must capture in all terrain.

Obtain quality data to obtain quality results in any projects.

What our Drone preform for you

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Industrial Inspection

Drone Harmony’s 3D scene-based workflow provides an ultimate tool set for automating drone-based inspections of industrial assets such as buildings, silos, hangars, cranes etc. Drone-based inspections represent a safer and more accurate alternative to traditional manual methods of visual inspection.

Terrain Mapping and Surveying

Map mines, quarries, forests, and other complex terrain with ease using the most sophisticated terrain mapping features on the market. Guarantee perfect mapping results even in the most complex topographies by using custom terrain data to automate flight planning and execution.

Cell Tower Inspection

Drone Harmony Cell Tower Scan is the market first solution for automating data acquisition around communication towers. In conjunction with the Drone Harmony Web platform, Drone Harmony is providing a holistic digitalization solution for cell site owners around the world.

Linear Infrastructure Inspection

Inspect power lines, pipelines, roads, railroads and other linear infrastructure. Ensure safe operations by generating flight plans that avoid vegetation and other obstacles and follow complex terrains.


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