About Argentum

Argentum is a consulting firm that specialises in attaining non-dilutive funds and R&D incentives for deep-tech companies from the EU and associated countries.

Funding opportunities for companies and organisations from EU member states and associated countries are ample and varied.

Argentum’s extensive grant-writing experience covers the most popular funding programs, and extends to some of the more niche and esoteric programs including, but not only, Airplane, Air Traffic, Air Space, drones, and more.

These fields could in turn lead us to present new solutions for this large community and other sectors (bio-medicine, energy, High Tech, and more).

Our professional team has a broad understanding of R&D processes in the context of business, combined with an in-depth familiarity with the rapidly evolving fund raising world.

We accompany our clients through every step of the process by paving the right strategic path for them through the different opportunities available.

Getting to know our client's needs, ambitions and activities, we help them form a fund raising strategy that will leverage the details of their activity to maximise their project’s winning potential.

We walk them through the bureaucratic grant-submission-jungle, making it a simple and rewarding journey.

And finally, we also help them in developing and submitting strong project proposals.

This is the origin of our strong partnership with Argentum "Funding EU Innovation" to give more possibilities to those actors that are making the difference, the exchange, the doers, the achievers, the dreamers, who pursue a better union of mankind.


Financial Support for Helicopter Operators to Implement Safety Systems and Equipment

Where is the budget?

Country governments – Innovation Authorities or other granting authorities of European countries

Co-funded actions – partnerships between the EU and private and/or public partners.

European Commission Funding – the EU budget for 2021-2027 is € 1.21 Trillion, distributed in the following manner:


Why apply for many proposals and not invest in a really good single proposal instead?

The competition for funding is very high, and even a perfect project proposal cannot guarantee a positive outcome. By applying to a variety of funding opportunities you improve your chances of winning and getting funded.

How is non-dilutive funding better than VC investment?

Non-dilutive funding goes hand-in-hand with private funding from private sources of capital. However, non-dilutive funding allows you to increase your value without sharing your equity with others.

How many resources will be needed from my team to apply for all these grants?

Less than applying to each grant separately. When our team gets to know your operation, your time invested in proposal preparation will decrease from application to application.

The Leading Team

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Team Leader

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Team Leader

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Chief of Strategy

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